About Us

As an Enterprise Architecture services firm, Bizliner is committed to providing public and private organizations with the enterprise architecture scalability and flexibility needed to accelerates value realization.

Our experienced Enterprise Architecture practitioners have profound knowledge of business functions, processes, applications and infrastructure. We also deliver our tool-assisted enterprise architecture services via an innovative Architecture-as-a-Service model that brings together the technology, services, and expertise to make businesses more agile and sustainable by delivering bottom-line results from day one.

Our overarching goal is to optimize our customers’ resources by automating or outsourcing repetitive tasks, and to focus on core, high value technology as part of your future sustainable solutions.

Bizliner joined the Contraste Europe group in April 2023. Contraste Europe is a fast-growing IT services company with an international presence. It is a major player in the digital transformation of companies and the optimization of their operational processes. For 29 years, Contraste has specialized in the design, development, integration and management of complex IT infrastructures and applications.