Delivering Your Architecture’s Artifacts

As a component of Bizliner’s Architecture-as-a-Service offering, Exhibeo specifies components of your business, IT, organization and finance infrastructure, such as detailed portfolio, application, process, asset, and network objects.

The tool leverages the information that is stored and structured in your repository, and generates your architecture’s detailed artifact and building block specifications.

Simplified Delivery

Exhibeo generates outputs from the models and data that populate the repository. They include extensive infrastructure specifications, such as architectural schemas that are linked to application-level information, as well as your process, asset and message infrastructure objects.

Exhibeo can be hosted on your premises or in one of Bizliner’s facilities. Regardless of the option that you select, Bizliner’s back-office includes the following capabilities:

  • Data and information quality assurance
  • Domain and architecture standards management
  • Operational support
  • Inventory management
  • Business and IT specification governance
  • Technical support, such as back-ups, migrations and versioning.

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