A New Service Delivery Model

Our Architecture-as-a-Service delivery model accelerates your architecture planning activities. It can cover the entire spectrum – from specifying your application and business process portfolio, to your communication, IT and asset infrastructure needs.

Bizliner’s tool-assisted services are provided on demand. They come with a dedicated infrastructure, access to a methodology and enterprise architecture tools, as well as Bizliner support expertise. Depending on your organization’s specific needs, it can be hosted on your premises or at a Bizliner site.

Packaged Services

We have the depth and expertise you need for your unique challenges and opportunities.

Our Architecture-as-a-Service model includes a comprehensive series of support services:

  • Architecture design
  • Information quality assurance
  • Architecture and domain conformance with your company’s conventions
  • Specification governance
  • Operations assistance (training)

The Right Expertise…at the Right Time

You can call from our resource pool the professionals with the know-how and skills that you need at each stage of your EA project on an “as needed” basis.

Bizliner takes end-to-end responsibility, and our methodology ensures your project’s continuity and ongoing quality. The result? A flexible and cost-effective organizational model that makes better use of your Enterprise Architecture investment – from lower up-front costs to short time-to-project completion and faster value realization!

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