When, how and why does your organisation process personal data? The deadline for GDPR compliancy (May 25th, 2018) enjoins companies of all sizes and industries, public or private sector, not only to establish an extensive map of the personal data they keep and use, but also to acknowledge and analyse the way these data are processed.

Do you know whether or not your company is involved in GDPR? Are the measures you already took sufficient? Can’t you just delegate the task to your IT department? What about subcontractors who process data for you? Whose responsibility is it then?

GDPR raises many questions but also many opportunities in terms of studying, understanding and formalising the structure and topology of your organisation, processes and methods. Bizliner’s GDPR solution draws its added-value from our expertise in business architecture, data and information systems.

Integrated solution

Bizliner offers a one-of-a-kind approach, which includes GDPR compliancy into an in-depth study of the company’s processes, their topology and the creation (or update) of a corporate documentation, which will soon be crucial to ensure a solid foundation for further organisation’s evolution.