Optimize Your Enterprise Portfolio

Over the years, many companies have created a complex ecosystem of applications that are expensive to maintain.

Bizliner gives you an enterprise-wide view of all your business functions. So you can better understand your current state portfolios, and where there are gaps and redundant functions.

This means that you can respond more quickly and effectively to ongoing changes across everything from your markets, people, processes to technology.

Integrated Services

Bizliner collects data about your business goals and strategy. We link them to the applications that support them, taking into account their life cycles, supporting their components and upcoming transitions. As a result, business and IT priorities come quickly into alignment.

You can use our services to manage a single business or IT domain. Or you can ask us to work at a higher level to ensure architecture consistency across multiple enterprise domains.

Bizliner’s Enterprise Portfolio Management services include:

Rationalize your business processes by easily leveraging the relationships between their constituent elements.
Improve information quality from upstream IT systems to capitalize on the value of information.
Reallocate non-discretionary expenses that are locked in your application portfolio to save on cost and gain efficiencies.
Control user-developed applications, such as Excel spreadsheets and homegrown apps that, although they enable business agility, can increase business risks
Create and integrate standard definitions, including logical models and business process definitions, using a common semantic layer, particularly useful as a transition to SOA.
Right-size your infrastructure to avoid ongoing over-capacity, simplify operations, and reduce infrastructure and operational spending.
Facilitate financial and IT management of tangible and intangible assets – including physical hardware and software.